4 Steps to Conquering the Burden of Over Regulation

Healthcare’s current state of flux is causing many physician practices to feel overwhelmed with the cumbersome amount of new regulations and mandates. It is quite stifling, to say the least.  Practices are now dealing with implementing Electronic Health Records, upcoming ICD-10, morphing practice models (ACOs), Medicare quality reporting system……and so on. Where does it all end? How do you keep current, and still have time for patient care? How do you determine what you even need to be compliant, remain solvent and move forward?

In this series of articles, we are going to set up goals to get your practice well on its way to compliance; leaving you to focus on delivering a high standard of care to your patients. It will take work – a lot of work; but by breaking down the process, it will seem manageable and put your practice on a secure path.

There are four steps that we are going to utilize – Take Inventory, Develop a Game Plan, Initiate Projects and Follow Up.


Look at your practice and determine what you currently have that is working – do you already have Electronic Health Records?  Perhaps you have a good billing system ready to update to ICD-10 with minimal problems? Once you determine what you have, determine what changes or upgrades that component may need.  Next, ascertain what you do not have.

Utilize project management tools and the entire process will become far less daunting. There are a lot of FREE web based solutions you can consider.  If learning yet another software program is not in your

“time budget”, go to the simple “white board” and list the projects, tasks, timeframe, goals and who is in charge to follow the progress and keep it all organized.

Prioritizing projects can be difficult. You may want to combine some projects, as they can overlap anyway. An example of this is EHR and ICD-10 codes. This can also eliminate redundant staff education in learning the new or updated programs.

Once you have your Inventory completed, it is time to move on to developing your game plan.

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