Nurses and clinicians at The Nebraska Medical Center, the state’s largest health care facility, will soon be using iPhones to improve their communication and increase efficiency.
Even now, Many of our nation’s nurses are still using archaic tools such as pagers or bulky legacy VoIP phones that weren’t designed for everyday use, so they spend much of their time dealing with, finding or coordinating information.
A new iPhone solution has enabled nurses at the teaching hospital to send and receive presence-based text messages and make high definition voice calls across the hospital VoIP system on a device, providing faster response to patients. The hospital wide installation will integrate hundreds of iPhones to the hospital’s PBX and WiFi system thus leveraging existing infrastructure for optimal communication.
The time is not far when programs like MaxRvu for the iPhone, created by gingercube Inc, will help physicians dictate their consults into the iphone and have them integrate with EMR and order entry systems to make a physicians time at the hospital more productive with less errors.

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