When you visit your doctors office you will find that you will see an iphone or ipad lying around.  A survey of 3,700 physicians by QuantiaMD reveals the iPad and the iPhone are the preferred mobile devices among those in the medical profession. Keeping this in mind, many developers have used this platform to bring multiple medically related applications to make life easier for physicians. One such company is Gingercube with its’ charge capture solution MaxRvu.

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The time is not far when physicians are using the hand held devices to start making diagnostic decisions and ultimately (for the treks out there) start using the hand held body scanner to make diagnosis.  Mobihealthnews.com is reporting that X Prize Foundation, the people responsible for manned flight into space, are working to set up a new X Prize that would incentivize the development of a device similar to the handheld diagnostic device featured in Star Trek. “Beam me up Doc”

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