Medical StudentsThe stresses of being a doctor are innumerable: long hours, ailing patients, maintaining a work-life balance, and coordinating with other healthcare providers are just a few of the many aspects of this busy job that can cause stress. Add to that the perception that your particular job is “more stressful” with a “higher workload” than others in your profession – and you have the makings of the perfect storm for prospective docs jumping ship.

We’re talking, specifically, about a new study released that reports that fewer medical school seniors than ever are planning to work in Internal Medicine (only 2% surveyed in the report). With an aging population of Baby Boomers, and an American obesity epidemic that will impact millions of people’s health and well-being, the news that most med school docs aren’t interested in Internal Medicine is, well, somewhat unsettling.

Asked why they’re not interested in Internal Medicine compared to other specialties, students cited that they believe Internal Medicine has a higher workload and more stress than other professions. It also doesn’t help that “the income gap between generalist and subspecialist physicians has grown to nearly threefold” the study’s authors wrote, which means that an Internalist could see a disparity of about $3.5 million during their 40 year career.

But alas, there is a silver lining here… amongst doctors polled 58 percent indicated that internal medicine gave them a good chance to positively influence patients’ lives while also feeling challenged a statistic that was up 16% since 1990.

So, what’s the solution to getting docs back into the field, and helping patients live better on a day to day basis? Give them the tools to reduce workload and stress, with cutting edge Healthcare IT: at the forefront of this medical revolution, mobile applications (like maxRVU)  with Charge Capture coding could certainly help reduce workload, organize coding and billing, and lower overall stress. Call us dreamers, but we really believe that products like maxRVU from gingerCube could help pave the way (and the perception) from Internal Medicine as a stressful time-sink, to Internal Medicine as a lucrative and rewarding career choice! What do you think?

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