maxRVU 1.1.3 is the latest version of the iPhone app and is now available in the iTunes AppStore.

Download it now.


1. Latest CPT 2011 database from AMA with updated RVUs.
2. iPhone app now captures full resolution photos that are now available on the web with zoom capability.
3. New ‘Inactive’ patient tab on Patient screent to allow you to view your Group’s inactive patients.
4. Choose multiple CPT’s for an ICD code.
5. Various bug fixes to improve stability of the app.

The most important feature is the CPT 2011 database update from AMA. If you are a maxRVU user, please upgrade to this version immediately so you can start using the latest RVU values as published by the AMA for 2011. Your existing billing sessions will retain their 2010 RVU values and you can change those RVU’s if required by editing each session and choosing the CPT 2011 codes.

Since this is a important upgrade, we have taken utmost precaution to ensure everything goes smoothly. Please let us know if you have any questions or encounter any issues.

Happy Coding !

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