Choose the E&M and ICD-9-CM codes yourself.

maxRVU Code Search

maxRVU Code Search

Coders shouldn’t have to figure out your intent or guess what care you rendered and what diagnoses determined the need for the service, according to Eskew.

A coder or other staff member might easily downcode or upcode E&M visits, resulting in lost revenue or skewed statistics of higher-level visits.

maxRVU allows you to quickly search for the most optimal ICD and CPT code combinations. It’s simple, fast and comprehensive. You can get descriptive details about a particular ICD or CPT code, check the RVU values and choose the right one.

You can search by key phrases such as ‘appendectomy’, ‘knee surgery’ or if you know the actual code you can type in a ICD or CPT code for lightning fast lookup.

The entire ICD / CPT database is installed on your iPhone and updated periodically.

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