Charge Capture in a mobile world

Charge Capture in a mobile world

Charge capture at point of care is fast becoming an important aspect of a physician’s daily schedule.

You might think its pretty impossible for a patient to undergo major surgery without anesthesia. Or install a rod to fix a patient’s broken leg, without an actual rod.

While this situations are funny, it has been known to happen though – not only during surgery but also when the the doctor bills their insurer. They often forget or overlook important procedures during surgery or patient visits when preparing bills for submission to their insurer. This results in hundreds and thousands of lost dollars in under-billing or missed billing opportunities.

Sometimes the claims are sent, but they are inaccurate and hence denied by the insurer. This is more common now than before. This happens due to poorly trained staff, outdated technology and old school processes.

Whether the solution involves instituting new procedures, improving staff training, or implementing new software systems, the benefits should be obvious.

The rapid advances in mobile technology, particularly in devices like the iPhone and iPad now provide us with a great platform to build smart and efficient applications.

Applications that doctors can use on the move and use the various sensors of the device intelligently to provide efficient data entry. For instance, the GPS feature of the iPhone can easily identify the hospital the doctor is currently at and load only those patients that are at that hospital for the doctor to review.

MaxRVU is our premier charge capture application available on the iPhone , iPod Touch and iPad . It will provide a host of cutting edge features that will enable physicians to save on hundreds of dollars lost every month.

We are currently developing the product and hope to launch it in a few weeks.

If you would like to join the beta program, please complete this survey

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